Welcome To Alexander Ministries International

Mission Points

Training and Support of Pastors

Donnia and I have the privilege and honor to help the local pastors in Peru and throughout South America. With training in leadership, administration, marriage seminars and other needed areas in the church today.

Rhema Bible College Peru

Currently Darrell is the Dean/Director of Rhema Bible Training College in Peru. Rhema was founded by Kenneth E Hagin in the United States in Oklahoma and now has hundreds of campuses all around the world.

The campus in Peru was originally La Palabra de Fe founded by Jim and Faye Andrews and was incorporated into a Rhema Bible School in the year 2000

Because of Partners Like You

Through partners like you we can train laborers for the kingdom of God, encourage pastors and fulfill the words of Jesus “to go into all the world”.

You may not be able to go yourself, but with your gifts and prayer support we can and you will reap a reward with us, just as if you had gone too. 

Your faithful support helps us help others all through Peru and South America.

Thank you for praying. Together, we will continue to reap a harvest of more precious fruit till the soon return of The Lord Jesus.

Life Changing Message

Together we can change lives around the world..

Donnia and I are so happy we have crossed each other’s path. In fact, we do not believe it was by accident but rather a divine meeting. Over 35 years ago God changed my life forever and Donnia’s life before that as we begin to learn about the love and grace of God. The life changing message of grace and faith has only become stronger in us as we grew in the Lord.

We currently are full-time field missionaries living in the capital city of Lima, Perú. I have pastored for many years, and pioneered two churches and helped to establish a third. Together we bring years of practical ministry insight and teaching to help local pastors, train Bible school students and host mission teams into Peru, Chili and soon other nations of the world.

The message we bring is the good news of the Grace of God and of Jesus’ Finished work on the cross.

We want to welcome you to this ministry and pray that this is just the beginning of a relationship that will help you know and understand how good and loving our heavenly Father is in a deeper way.

 If you need prayer, or have any questions, please contact us.

God Bless You,

Darrell & Donnia Alexander

AMI Teaching the Nations - Reaching the World...

Church in Oklahoma

Teaching The Word

Darrell enjoys people, he enjoys being able to share the things that God has placed in his heart with those he is given the opportunity to speak them with.

Darrell brings compassion as he ministers to a broad range of people in all walks and stages of their life. Having many years and life experiences in ministry, as a Pastor, or living in other countries as a missionary, traveling extensively, teaching in churches, holding marriage seminars with his wife, or serving as a Bible school director and instructor to name a few.

All of these have afforded Darrell a wealth of insightful, sometimes humorous stories, which he uses to bring practical applications of applying the word of God in the everyday lives of those he speaks to.

 Darrell says, “Our mission is to share the love and grace of God with everyone we can, the desire is to show just how much God really does love you and that He is not the God of condemnation and wrath waiting to dole out fiery judgement on all those who have stumbled or been knocked down by the things that doing life can bring”.

But, instead to introduce a God of compassion and love and mercy, that when we didn’t even know God or care about Him, He loved us, and that does not change no matter how many times we fall.

Darrell and Donnia Grads

Training Labores

Each year students graduate from Bible school, having been taught by experienced active ministers, these graduates go into the harvest fields ready to share the life changing truths they have learned.

With their hearts full of the Word of God, they are willing to give all they have with whosoever will hear and receive from them.

Some of these men and women will go on to pastor great churches while others will find their call working with youth and children, others still will be missionaries, evangelists and workers in the helps ministry all fulfilling the place God has prepared for them.

 Alexander Ministries International believes in preparing labors for the harvest, Jesus said we were to “go” into all the world with the good news of the gospel.

This world includes the business world, entertainment world and our personal world made up of family and friends we see everyday.

The Bible teaches, that we should be able to give an answer of all who ask us about the things we as followers of Christ Jesus believe and we are to season those words with grace and I think, just enough salt to make the one that hears thirsty enough to come back again for another drink.

Donnia Ministering

Helping Churches

There’s just something special in the way Donnia touches the hearts of those who hear her and get to know her, with a glowing smile and her gentle voice she makes you feel welcome no matter who you are or what you’re going through.

Growing up in a pastor’s home has helped Donnia to understand the struggles that can come with being a minister’s wife and a preacher’s kid.

And living on the mission field, she’s learned the joys of touching the lives of others in faraway lands and at the same time the difficulties of adapting to a to a different culture, what being away from family and friends can be like for a wife and mother.

By having these experiences Donnia is able to bring a unique perspective to the lives of other women in the ministry, talking to them with a compassion that only comes from real life experiences.

Donnia meets everyone with the same loving and non-judgmental attitude. Whoever you are and in whatever situation you find yourself in, she is ready to reach out with a warm smile a helpful hand and a kind word.
Hoping to minister the same love and forgiveness she has experienced from her own loving Heavenly Father.