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ebooks by Darrell Alexander

be a radio ebookThe finished work of Jesus on the cross, what does that mean, and how does it affect us as New Testament believers. Through the cross Jesus provided everything we need for life on this earth and the eternal life you have right now. By grace Jesus has provided but countless believers are still not seeing their prayers being answered. In this little book Pastor Darrell explains why and how we can get tuned in to the grace we receive through faith all we need to do is to learn how “Be a Radio”

sour grapes ebookIn his little book Sour Grapes, Pastor Darrell takes an honest look at what many well-meaning but completely wrong believers say about generational curses.

Have you ever been told the reason bad things are happening in your life is because you might be under a curse that has been on your family from generations? If you have, then you need to read this today.

grace ebookWhen did the word GRACE become a battle cry for Christians to choose which side to be on? There is much controversy today over the grace of God. But it’s not new as a matter of fact the Apostle Paul had to address some of the same concerns in his day as we do today. To gain a little insight we encourage you to read this book by Pastor Darrell today.

tetelestaiTETELESTAI! The word that Jesus said from the cross, could have been a word of defeat, but the word Jesus pronounced on the cross was a word of victory, find out why in this little eBook. Don't let it be Greek to you, learn what Jesus meant when He said, “It is finished”. Most have heard the Easter story and how Jesus uttered His last words and died but the story of what He said is the reason for the cross and this word should be one of the most important to the child of God.

mixed signalsIt is important to have clear directions when we are doing anything, and especially when we are needing to move forward in God. But, when things that are important get mixed, the results can be devastating or at the very least cause things to be unproductive.

Many things are taught today that are mixed with a little law and a little grace and called a balanced message, only the results are leaving people confused

out for the killHear the story of a man blinded by The Law, Zealous with his beliefs, making havoc of the church, dragging men and women out of their homes and throwing them in jail. He was determined to exterminate those who “followed the Way” until he came face to face with Grace Himself