Got Questions...

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1. Do I need to be concerned about the food or drinks.
  2. Question 2, Is it safe.
  3. Question 3, Will there be WIFI or a way for me to contact my family and friends at home.
  4. Question 4, Should I buy travel insurance for medical.
  5. Question 5, Will I be sharing a room with somebody.
  6. Question 6, How much money should I bring with me.
  7. Question 7, Do I need any vaccinations.
  8. QQuestion 8, What kind of clothes should I bring with me.
  9. Question 9, Will we have any time to shopping.

Answer 1:

No, You will be able to eat anything that we have prepared for you without fear of getting sick. If we go to a restaurant we will only utilize ones that we know are safe to consume food and drinks from. We recommend that you do not buy food or drinks from venders we have not approved or from venders on the street, if you do it will be at your own risk.

Answer 2:

Staying safe on your mission trip is important, but it's nothing that you need to spend time worrying about. We will not take you or the members of our teams to places knowing they are unsafe, there is always a risk involved weather you are in your country or a foreign country. That’s way we strongly suggest you follow the instructions of your hosts and not do your own thing. For some additional safety tips follow this link >>read more

Answer 3:

Yes, there is WIFI at the hotels or the compounds we stay in. Also check with your cellular provider many offer an overseas travel plan for data and phone use we also having an application like WhatsApp on your phone will enable you to make and receive texts and phone calls at no charge on while on WIFI

Answer 4:

That is a personal decision, some do and others do not please check with your insurance provider as all are different. Your domestic health insurance may automatically offer you some international coverage. Many of the standard plans from larger insurance providers, like Aetna, Cigna, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, include provisions for emergency and urgent care abroad. One notable exception is Medicare, which does not cover any medical costs incurred outside the United States

Answer 5:

Oh, for sure, if you are traveling solo with a group, but hey, that’s part of the fun. Women would be sharing a room with one or two other female roommates, and the guys with one or two other guys. Married couples will have a private room of course. There are some exceptions to this please talk with us about any concerns you may have.

Answer 6:

Again, that is a personal decision, you will have an opportunity to do some shopping before you return to home to buy some gifts and souvenirs. Also, at the end of the week the group will have the opportunity to give into an offering that will be divided among the interpreters and helpers for the group. Tip: Also, when bringing money be sure it is free of marks,wrightingtears,folds must exchangers will not accept these knds of bills or they will give you a lower exchange rate

Answer 7:

Generally, no, but if we are going into the jungle or the Amazon it may be advisable to check and see if any vaccinations are suggested. Here are two places you can check about getting any vaccinations you may want or need, for public clinics you can click here for that page and for a private clinic like Passport Health click here. Tip: Plan to get your shots well in advance of your mission trip. Sometimes light sickness can occur following a series of shots, and getting your vaccinations early will help ensure that you don't begin your mission trip fighting off a cold.

Answer 8:

During the day when ministering in the streets, parks and market places. Jeans are ok, casual dress, no camo please. Night ministry will be in churches, you will have the opportunity to give your testimony. Modest dress for night services. Ladies have at least one skirt or dress. No leggings unless worn with a long top /tunic. Guys: at least one pair of dress slacks and tie,but most of the time just a nice shirt and a pair of jeans are fine.

Answer 9:

Yes... we always have a fun day out to see the sites and do a little shopping..