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Donnia Alexander is the wife of Pastor Darrell. Donnia loves the Lord and enjoys helping people and she loves her family. She enjoys working in the yard with her flowers, sewing and reading. She is full of joy and her heart is full of God’s love which is evident upon meeting this lovely lady. She is a gifted vocalist and loves to minister to people in song, which she has done most of her life, even being able to travel with the "Concert Choir" of Liberty University where she attended.

Donnia grew up in a pastor’s home and is no stranger to what life is like being married to a pastor. She is often asked if she likes living on the mission field and with a smile she’ll answer, “I love it, because it’s where the Lord has us at this time in our lives and ministry, and it is the perfect place."  If you ask how she came to be living on the mission field she will probably laugh and tell you, “well, it came through prayer, sort of. You see Donnia was born in the mountains of Virginia and eventually wound up in the flatland of Florida, but her desire was to again one day live back in the mountains.

As a matter of fact, she would pray and say, "Lord, I would like to live in the mountains again some day". Well after three years of marriage to Darrell the Lord granted her prayer. She once again did get to live in the mountains, only it was the Andes mountains in South America. Donnia says as a foot note, "I have learned to be more specific when I pray."

Donnia moved with Darrell to Arequipa, Peru as full-time field missionaries in 2011 and has since lived in Bolivia and now lives in Lima, Peru where she ministers with her husband and works with the mission teams and the mission’s coordinators. Donnia also handles the day to day activities for Alexander Ministries International by editing all the articles, writing letters and calling their partners and is involved with every aspect of the ministry.

Donnia has 1 son, two daughters and 5 grandchildren.

To learn more about Donnia, see what’s on her mind, what she’s up to and probably where she is eating lunch with Darrell, find her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram.


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